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Amina Adem Natural Skincare

  “You might change your outfit, but you’re going to wear your skin forever…” Amina Adem 

Perfect Escape Body Oil

Perfect Escape Body Oil

Stress Relieving Roller

Stress Relieving Roller

Ultra Nourishing Face Oil

Ultra Nourishing Face Oil


Made in the USA


Internationally renowned beauty therapist and certified aromatherapist, Amina Adem, sums up her philosophy of life: Take care of the charm that is you, and you will always put your best face forward.


Maura Chanz

Shoutout to my esthetician Amina Adem for getting me to a place where I can be TRULY confident in my bare face...even on camera. I’ve never had “bad skin.” I suffer from typical hormonal acne and have always been prone to pop pimples resulting in scarring and hyperpigmentation. However, my hormonal acne has decreased. Spots have faded. Bags have decreased and my skin glows soooo crazy.

Katherine Brown

Health and Lifestyle Manifestation Coach

I LOVE the ultra nourishing face oil! I start using it after a pretty radically dry spell flushed my complexion… I was lost, and then with only one pea size drop of the oil twice a day - VOILA! My skin was supple and nourished without a greasy residue aftermath. The scent is aromatic but not overpowering, it compliments your own personal scents nicely. I often pair the oil with the ultra hydrating serum and nourishing eye cream. I am in my early thirties, a business owner and am frequently outdoors in the sunshine + and ever changing elements (not to forget the pollution), and am a true believer that these oils and serums are the best way to prevent and turn back time. I have already restocked and plan on continuing!

Tara Fischer, El Segundo

Taking care of my skin, head to toe, has never been such an enjoyable, aromatic and uplifting experience until I began using Amina Adem's Natural Skincare. The first product I used was the Energy Boosting Body Oil. I immediately fell in love with the scent. Then I noticed how soft, deeply hydrated and nourished my skin was without any oily residue. It seriously gives my skin this incredible natural glow, I love it. Then my dermatitis calmed down and my skin hasn't had a single flare up since!  

So now I also use all of the wonderful face products! The Miracle Cream Cleanser, Ultra Nourishing Face Oil, Ultra Hydrating Serum, and the Eye Cream. No moisturizer needed for me anymore! I am so happy with how soft, clear, and completely nourished all of my skin is. And the benefits of aromatherapy are now a part of my daily life! Thank you Amina!

Cindy Mason, El Segundo CA

What an amazing pleasure it has to discover such a beautiful natural skin care system completely derived from natural plants and essential oils for the face and body!!! 

Amina’s oils are essential to beginning and ending my day with peace, tranquility and happiness. Such a beautiful treat. The face products are beautifully moisturizing and bring a vibrant glow to my skin

Jeanette Bryant, Torrance CA

I first met Amina over three years ago, when my friend gave me a gift certificate for one of Amina’s facials. I was immediately struck not only by her professionalism and depth of knowledge, but by her warm, caring attitude. I scheduled another visit and later, asked for a consultation to discuss my skincare. Amina’s recommendations were personalized for my skin, and proved to be very effective.

I'm a big fan of the Ultra Nourishing Face Oil and Ultra Hydrating Serum. The products are of very high quality, and so concentrated that only a small amount is needed each day to achieve the full effects. I have recommended not only her skin care products, but her body oils to many people, and have always received positive feedback.

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